5 Laundry Room Ideas for an Organized and Intentional Space

By Malia Vago, The Motherhood Kind

Having an organized and decorated laundry room can really ease the weight of your to-do list and the tension you feel from the day-to-day grind. It can also help keep your laundry routine simple, orderly and organized. Clutter can affect our headspace; the more mess we see, the more stress we can feel. Having an intentional space can help lift our mood, help us be more focused and allow us to feel in control, even when it comes to laundry.

An organized and decorated laundry room that you actually want to spend time in doesn’t have to be a dream. If you're looking for some laundry room design ideas or perhaps you are considering a laundry room remodel, consider these five tips:

A neatly organized laundry room cabinets. A neatly organized laundry room cabinets.

1. Think Like a Minimalist and Be Intentional About Your Laundry Space

It goes without saying that everyone wants to streamline their laundry process, especially when trying to figure out how to organize a small laundry room. In designing and revamping your laundry room, consider ways to make your laundry routine more enjoyable. Ask yourself — how are you using the space? Is the utility room or laundry room a space you enjoy being in? Can you cut down on clutter, perhaps with shelves or cabinets?

To start your laundry room remodel, take everything out of your laundry space and sort through what you need and what you do not. When you get rid of all the extra items and “stuff” that can accumulate in your laundry room, you can create a smoother process for doing laundry. Once you have sorted through everything and decided what to keep — evaluate your space. Is there a better way things could be organized? Put things you use most in easy-to-access spots while finding efficient storage for everything else that gets less use but is still needed.

A neatly organized launndry room with a Whirlpool® waaher and dryer. A neatly organized launndry room with a Whirlpool® waaher and dryer.

2. Update Your Space with Open Shelving

One of the most chic and practical decor ideas gaining traction as of late is open shelving. Open laundry shelves give the look of more space, and the horizontal lines of the shelving add to a sense of calm. Two or three shelves within reach of your washing machine with the necessities are extremely helpful. If the exposed feel of open shelving makes you nervous, limit yourself to one section of your wall. You can store the rest of your items in your other cabinets, while having the necessities within reach. Baskets can also help organize and store your clothing and other items, while looking clutter-free. This way, you aren't doing away with all your concealed storage, but you can still experiment a little with going open.

A cabinet in a laundry room with hanging space to dry and organize your clothes. A cabinet in a laundry room with hanging space to dry and organize your clothes.

3. Have a Space to Fold and Hang Clothing to Dry

Having a space to fold your laundry is essential. This can be an open counter space or a table that folds down from the wall. Some people bring their laundry into the main areas of the house to fold, but that can add to the flow of chaos in other spaces. Try to get into the habit of folding clothing near or in your laundry space. This will make completing the task of doing your laundry all the more gratifying.

Also, consider a space for items that are individually or separately cleaned like intimates, dresses, blouses and other delicate items. It is helpful to have a drying rack or a closet space to hang clothing that needs to be line-dried and/or pressed.

A woman in a white blouse folding her laundry in her laundry room. A woman in a white blouse folding her laundry in her laundry room.

4. Add Calm to Your Laundry Room with Neutral Colors and Natural Materials

Natural materials and a neutral color palette can lend to a more peaceful space. While bright colors stimulate, lighter and more neutral colors are known to reduce stress and anxiety, promote relaxation, and even make your space feel more expansive. Never underestimate the power of white to create an open space. With a base of white, add in natural textures of woven baskets, faux or real plants, marble stone accents in tile for the floor or backsplash and one or two calming colors. What is the most soothing color? It may not surprise you to find out it is blue. We often look to the sky or ocean to enjoy a moment of tranquility. Green is also a color that is found in nature and can have a similar effect.

A front load Whirlpool® washer and dryer in a laundry room with white white cabinets A front load Whirlpool® washer and dryer in a laundry room with white white cabinets

5. Invest in Quality Laundry Products & Appliances That Serve You and Bring Joy

From apparel to home decor, choose quality pieces that aren't over the top trendy and will stand the test of time, while serving you for the long run. For better or worse, laundry will consistently be a part of our lives. Consider how your investment of laundry decor, including your washer and dryer, will serve you in the space in the coming years. Protecting your investment of your washer and dryer with an appliance protection plan is a smart choice, too.

Once you narrow down the quality items that bring you joy, clean and care for your favorite belongings with Swash® Laundry Detergent. Brought to you by the world's leading kitchen and laundry appliance company*, Swash® helps you care for your quality pieces with less detergent. Swash® is 8x concentrated and scientifically formulated to help boost your washer’s ability to fight stains. Purchase fewer quality items and take care of them well – they will serve you better, longer.

Ready to Start Organizing Your Laundry Space?

Taking time now to consider your laundry space and how you design the area will benefit you in the coming years not only with mental clarity and focus, but also to be functional to navigate your daily life. An organized laundry room that gives you a sense of peace is possible when you remove the clutter, have the space you need to fold and store, choose neutral and natural elements and invest in products and appliances that serve you long term. Before you know it, you will see your laundry routine simplify and your mind will be more focused and at peace.

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*Based on publicly reported annual product sales, parts, and support revenues for 2019.